Finding stillness in a busy world

Don't be busy - be still!

Date published 11/10/2019 |

It’s so easy, when we’re madly busy, when there are lots of competing demands on our time, running frantically through items on our to do list, that we lose all sense of ourselves.
We pressure ourselves to Get Things Done.
Maybe, sometimes we could come at this a different way. Rather than doing, how about gifting ourselves a little stillness.
The simplest meditation is being present in the moment, stepping out of time.
So, rather than doing, being busy, just sit there.
Close your eyes. Notice your body in relation to your surroundings. Feel your feet on the ground. Imagine you have roots growing into the earth, grounding you, giving you stability.
Notice your breath. Observe how you draw air into your lungs. Slow this down, fill every part of your body, then let the air fall out gently, with a sigh.
Feel where there is tension or tightness in your body. Perhaps place a hand on the tight spot, give some loving attention to the stress point, feel it become warmer, a little more relaxed.
Have a little shake. Imagine you are letting all worries and anxieties drip out of your fingertips as you shake them away, even for a moment.
Connect with your emotional being. What emotions are you noticing right now? Be with your body. What are you feeling, as you inhabit this blessed body of yours? Witness, with compassion, the sense of who you are, what’s going on for you right now, in this moment.
Savour your moment of stillness. Allow every part of you, your mind, your body, your essence, to be still.
Don’t do anything at all. Just be, and breathe.