Your confident life

Embodied coaching for confident living

Both online sessions, and in-person sessions in Falmouth, Cornwall

Offering you a transformational approach for confident living. The potential and capacity to feel secure and safe in your body. To know you can make real choices, that you can celebrate your life - who you are, who you want to be. Supporting you to connect with body wisdom and deep intuition.

Embodied coaching is a powerful way of connecting to a profoundly physical sense of confidence, of empowerment - in your body, in your life, in your relationships, in your work, in your world.

Combining expertise in coaching, supporting change, and body-based learning and experiencing. Connecting you with nature and the elements, intuition and innate wisdom. I will guide you on a journey of gentle exploration, challenge, discovery and joyful expression, supporting you to connect with your essential self.

  • Having Pauline to turn to throughout this process has been invaluable and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking for coaching.

  • Pauline creates a safe environment for you to be yourself and brings out the best in you,

  • Pauline has a vast amount of knowledge of career guidance and coaching, she has supported me through a career change explaining what employers look for, desirable qualities, how to improve my CV and has even done mock interviews with me.

  • She has a holistic understanding of the body and a sense of ease and fun as she connects with individuals and groups.

  • Pauline is a warm and generous teacher/facilitator. She listens deeply and holds the space for workshop participants with compassion and clarity.

  • What I’ve loved most about working with Pauline is that she is deeply passionate about this work, and a great example to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her.

  • 'I really see that taking time, listening to my body, hearing what she needs to say about the scars and the pain I've experienced is changing things. It's such a relief to know that it can be different.'

  • Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm. Your care and consideration, and your love of what you do really shines through. It's what made the experience for me.

  • I’ve worked with Pauline over the past two years and can’t recommend her enough. Both in leading and supporting she is a grounded and experienced presence.